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Why Albatross Roofing?

Putting a roof over your head is the most important thing your home does.

Making sure your roof is sound and secure is incredibly important, yet many homeowners neglect their roofs. Like everything in your home, it requires maintenance.

If you haven’t had your roof inspected recently, we’re here to help. Maintaining your roof is a low-cost way of ensuring that your home – and your family – stay safe.

  • Our roofing earns the highest ratings
  • Exceeding industry standards in installations
  • Full guarantee from start to finish
  • Gorgeous architectural options available
  • Convenient payment methods
  • Vinyl siding installation with many color options
  • Full cleanup after installation
Take It From The Experts

A good roof is the foundation of a good house. Here are just a few reason to invest in having a quality roof built.

*iPad Required

GAF Virtual Home Remodeler is an application that allows the homeowner to see different GAF shingles applied to their own home in real-time, with the click of an iPad camera. Their home image will easily be transformed with the swipe of a finger to select and apply a GAF shingle. This application will help GAF contractors demonstrate the beauty of GAF shingles to their customers and will eliminate the homeowner’s “How will it look on my roof” questions, making for more satisfied customers.


A lot of home owners are either not aware or are hoping they’re roof is good enough to last a few more years. Over the last few years we have done a lot of inspections for owners needing documentation for insurance purposes, owners seeking to see if maybe they do need a new roof or simply just to ensure & give peace of mind that they’re roofs are not going to give them trouble during the upcoming winter or rain season.

However please remember our estimates are free! If you would like a roof inspection please contact us & we will give a detailed documentation on the longevity of your roof an what problems could occurs if any. Please contact us for more information.

Albatross roofing Ltd. uses nothing less than the highest quality roofing materials, thereby ensuring that your roof is durable and long lasting throughout the years. IKO Cambridge is one of the most popular types of residential roof material these days. They are relatively inexpensive. The geographical location, slope of the roof, height of the building, ease of access to the premises, complexity of the project and the type of shingle determine the cost of the shingles & job. They come in a variety of colors, shapes, textures and life spans and are fairly durable and can be easily repaired and maintained.

At Albatross roofing we also offer our customers a various selection high performance shingles. Some of the shingles products we offer are IKO, GAF & Timberline just to name a few. They are an excellent alternative to a higher end roofing installation product because they do not cost as much and they also are very versatile to work with. If you are looking to get a shingle roof, or need shingle roofing options then feel free to contact us.

A great way to update your home is with siding. We can replace existing or cover the current material. We offer full wrap installations or repairs. Wide selection of color and material to choose from.

As most know, flat roofing is a more expensive process then the typical sloped shingle roofs. That being said, if the roof is installed properly, these roofs will last many years & will not cause the problems some sloped roofs do. There is a few different styles of flat roofing, so here is a quick break down of what we specialize in.

  • 2-Ply SBS torch on membrane.
  • 1-Ply cold applied rubber membrane installed with ballast as weighting or fully adhered with glue.

A few different brands of flat roofing materials we use are IKO, Soprema, Carlile & Firestone. These being the best materials in the business as that is what we want for our customers to have. If you have an inquiry about our flat roofing prices or installations contact us.

Traditional shingled roofs use a smaller version of rubber membranes between the asphalt panels and the wood decking layer below. That mitigates how much moisture seeps in when the roof gets wet, protecting the attic and roof edges from damage.

However, once the shingles get blown off, lose their granules, or otherwise stop working, the membrane quickly leaks from damage. Rubber roofing, on the other hand, creates a watertight seal that lasts for years with its enhanced durability and qualities.

Your rain gutters can take a beating, and many homeowners don’t know when they should replace theirs. While joints separate from heavy winds and minor leaks form eventually, you should swap them when issues happen frequently.

After a while, you begin spending more to maintain your eavestrough system than you would on a new set. Whether you need a safety inspection or a free service quote, contact our team for assistance today.

Can you roof withstand every storm? If you’re not sure, or you have an aging roof that’s been well weathered, have one of our inspectors come out and take a look. It’s very possible you’re subject to further damage without proper flashing installed.

​A lot of your home’s HVAC system loses its power directly through your roof. Without proper insulation, your energy bills can be sky high. Have one of our guys come out and take a look at it – we might be able to save you money on your seasonal electricity bills.