Roof Shingles Edmonton

How to maintain your roof shingles in Edmonton

After installation of a new roof in your Edmonton home, you would have to ensure you carry out an inspection on the roof once in a while to make sure the shingles are in good shape always.

A damaged shingle can lead to a much serious problem with your roof later on so its best you observe them so you can deal with any issue before it becomes serious.

The following are ways homeowners can maintain their roof shingles in Edmonton. They include;

  • Carry out an inspection of your roof regularly especially after a heavy storm or wind. If you observe any missing shingle, its best to replace them as soon as possible before the damage worsens. You can also watch out for leakages as well.
  • Ensure you clear off any debris and rubbish on your roof regularly. A build up of dirt can hold on to water which may end up wrecking your roof and getting into your home. A broom can be used to clear debris, while a blower can be utilized in clearing up dried leaves.
  • Make sure the eavestroughs are kept clean and clear always so water can pass freely to the ground and not through the line of the roof where it can get under your shingle or get frozen and result in an ice dam.
  • Shingles losing part of their granules is normal, so search for them in your eavestrough. But if you observe that there are a lot of granules, inspect the shingles for bald spots where a lot of granules have come off leaving the asphalt open and unprotected. Make sure you put in new shingles as soon as possible.

The methods above can aid homeowners in maintaining their roof shingles in Edmonton so that they can carry out repairs before they develop into serious issues and get the best performance out of their roof.