Commercial Roofing Contractor

Questions to ask when hiring a professional commercial roofing contractor

Calling on a professional commercial roofing contractor should come with perks that can be associated with being a said professional. Being a professional means being dependable, efficient and effective among a list of other things.

It is regrettable to say that this has not proven to be true for a while now; it is common for people to say they are experts in a particular field but produce results which have a disastrous effect and increases the expense of a particular job which a company or business have requested them to perform.
If a choice has been made on a commercial roofing contractor, many factors must have been taken into consideration before arriving at this decision. There needs to be a thorough investigation on a contractor as roofing is a crucial aspect of the company’s structure.

There are some questions which you can ask a contractor to determine the position in which they stand on your list of suitable professionals to hire, these include;

You should look up referrals from previous jobs and also request a contractor produce an original license, bonding, and insurance document.  If a bond is high or a contractor can’t be bonded, this could be an indication that they had a problem in the past in which their surety had to present themselves in and are now blacklisted by bonding agencies. These things can also be checked when carrying out an inspection on a contractor:
Any court case in the past five years; there are various reasons why lawsuits can be filed against a contractor and poor workmanship and wrongdoing are part of these reasons.

Change in ownership and the name of the company over the past five years; contractors who are deceptive may use the excuse of bankruptcy as a way to shut down a company and operate a new one without having to deal with issues from previous customers.
Experience in the past three years; Contractors should have carried out a lot of jobs similar to the one you require them to do so that it is sure they have the required experience level. There is also a need for contractors to be certified by the right bodies before working on roofing systems which are supposed to be done personnel with the authorization to install and maintain them.

  • How Will You Complete the Job?

Knowing the methods to be used by a contractor, if he has his crew, bringing in a hired crew or both and if day laborers will be involved is a necessary aspect also. You should also take measures to ensure that the technical parts of the project are handled specifically by the contractors or the crew that reports to him and not the hired crew or day laborers.

  • What type of materials do you make use of?

An important question to ask the commercial roofing contractor is his criteria for material selection to determine types of material he intends to use for your repairs.  It is important you choose a contractor that uses a material that is both durable and suitable for use in your roof repair. It is also a good idea to look up more information on the materials they intend to use. This lets you guide the use of substandard materials which would lead to recurrent costs later on.

A variety of questions can be asked by a company or a business manager when they require the service of a commercial roofing contractor. Those stated above are those likely to make you know much more about what to expect before you hire any contractor for the job.